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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common questions and answers. If you cannot find a solution below, please feel free to Contact Us.

Q: How come I can’t connect?

A: Make sure you are putting “@spearnet.net” after your username when you connect.

Q: It says I am connected… but nothing pops up. What gives?

A: After connecting, you must start the Internet application of your choice, e.g. Internet Explorer for your web browser. 

Q: How do I disconnect?

A: Right click on the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (Looks like 2 computer monitors) and hit disconnect.

Q: I can receive email, but cannot send. How come?

A: Our outgoing mail servers require authentication. In Outlook, click Tools -> Accounts -> Mail -> Properties -> Servers -> Check the box "My server requires authentication" Hit OK. You may also follow the easy instructions for your email program here.

Q: How do I change the access number my computer is dialing?

A: Go to My Computer -> Dialup Networking -> Right click on your SpearNet connection & hit properties. Change your access number to the updated one & hit OK

Q: What are your news server settings?

A: news.spearnet.net Server also requires authentication. For news feed authentication, it is also required to put "@spearnet.net" after your username.

Q: I get a busy signal all the time when I try to connect. Why?

A: You should never receive a busy signal. Most likely your access number has been updated. Click "Access Numbers" to obtain an updated one. Also make sure you didn't by mistake put your own telephone number in the access number box.

Q: I use an email client to send and receive email with my Yahoo account, or private domain name. I can receive E-mail from all my accounts, but keep getting an error message when I try to send. Do you support the use of other E-mail accounts through programs such as Outlook Express?

A: All outbound messages sent with an E-mail client can only go through SpearNet's outgoing SMTP server. The server address is smtp.spearnet.net & requires authentication. You will need to specify your SpearNet username and password for SMTP authentication in your E-mail client. 

Q: With SpearNet, can I send and receive e-mail under my hotmail and yahoo addresses?

A: Yes. If you are using these accounts inside an E-mail program such as Outlook, Please refer to the question above.

Did you have a question you could not find an answer to & feel it should be on here? Let us know!